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NICE Program

Special English Programs (SEP)
International Seminars

Sample Seminar Topics

Below is a partial list of topics addressed in past seminars.

  – Global Trends in International Business
  – American Jury System
  – Comparison of Legal Practices in the US and other countries

  – Trends in Public Education in the US and/or Hawai‘i
  – English Teacher Training: Innovative Methods and Approaches to Language Education

English/USA/American Culture
  – The American Family in Hawai‘i
  – American University Life
  – American Body Language

  – The History and Culture of Hawai‘i
  – Hula lecture/workshops

  – Dental Hygiene Practices in the US
  – Hawaiian Healing Methods
  – Tropical Agriculture

Global Warming

  – Japanese Immigration to the US/Hawai‘i
  – Introduction to the University of Hawai‘i: its background and systems

Social Work
  – Contemporary American Social Work Practice
  – Multicultural Social Work Practices
  – Gerontology

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