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NICE Program

International Seminars
Seminar Policies & Requirements

Age of Participants
Program Fees
Visa Information
Special Services (housing, meals, transportation)

Age of Participants
Most seminar participants are 18 years of age or older. Younger students are welcome ONLY if the entire group is of the same age range, for example all high school age. If participants are under 18 years of age, the group must be well-chaperoned, and chaperones are expected to assist with managing the group throughout the program.

University of Hawai‘i seminar certificates of participation are issued to students in programs of three (3) hours or more.

Visa Information
Because seminar programs are typically only a few hours in length, the study program is considered "incidental" to the participants' visit. Participants may enter the country on a tourist (B-2) visa or on the WT visa waiver program.

Lengthy seminar programs may require student (F-1) visas. Our International Programs office can issue the Form I-20 required to obtain the visa. Note that additional fees and earlier deadlines apply. More information…

Special Services
Standard seminar arrangements include the study program only. For seminars involving off-campus visits, transportation is provided and included in the fee.

Groups may request assistance arranging for housing and meals, transportation, or special activities. More information…

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