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NICE Program

Housing Options for Groups
Off-campus Hotel Accommodations

Enjoy all of the amenities and individual freedom of a hotel. These hotels have been used by Outreach College groups in the past. Please contact the hotels to confirm current prices and room availability.



  Hotel   Contact


Ala Moana Hotel

Phone: (808) 955-4811

Email: reservations@alamoanahotel.com


Website: http://www.alamoanahotelhonolulu.com/


Ambassador Hotel Waikiki

Phone: (808) 941-7777

Email: reservations@ambassadorwaikiki.com


Website: https://ambassadorwaikiki.com/


Aqua Pacific Monarch

Phone: (808) 441-7773

Email: pacificmonarch@aqua-aston.com


Website: https://www.aquapacificmonarch.com/


Aston at the Waikiki Banyan

Phone: (808) 670-3996

Email: res.ban@astonreservations.com


Website: http://www.astonwaikikibanyan.com/



Aston Waikiki Sunset

Phone: (808) 670-3998

Email: res.sun@astonreservations.com


Website: http://www.astonwaikikisunset.com/


Ewa Hotel Waikiki

Phone: (808) 954-7414

Email: ewahotel@aqua-aston.com


Website: https://www.ewahotel.com/


Pagoda Hotel

Phone: (808) 954-7423

Email: reservations@pagodahotel.com


Website: https://www.pagodahotel.com/


Queen Kapiolani Hotel

Phone: (808) 922-1941

Email: guest.services@queenkapiolani.com


Website: http://www.queenkapiolani.com/


Waikiki Gateway Hotel

Phone: (808) 922-4744

Email: reserve@@principlehotels.com


Website: http://www.waikikisandvillahotel.com/


Waikiki Sand Villa hotel

Phone: (808) 922-4744

Email: reserve@@principlehotels.com


Website: http://www.waikikisandvillahotel.com/


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